storage method – (How) can I keep cheddar in a car in summer for 2 weeks

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Maybe a small, six-pack sized cooler, refresh with ice every morning and periodically rotate in cold beverages as you use and replenish those during the day?

Or, possibly, get a lunch thermos, put the cheddar in a baggie, in the middle, and add ice around. Thermoses insulate, so they keep your food hot, but will also keep cold food cold. Thermos 12.oz. food jar

Or, maybe, buy small quantities of cheddar on the road and eat them instead of trying to preserve a two-week supply? I’m assuming you’re talking a fairly standard cheddar, and not something that can’t be picked up on the road…..

Hook’s to release 20-year cheddar for $209/lb

(I’ve had their 15-year cheddar, at about $55/lb at the time. Fantastic!)

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