Secrets to making crystal clear gelatin?

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As I’ve mentioned in another question, I’m attempting to make a large block of gelatin. Unfortunately, my first few attempts come out a bit amber in hue, using just water, sugar, gelatin and clear flavoring.

After some research, I found a video on making clear gelatin in which they:

  1. used a different brand of gelatin
  2. bloomed the gelatin in less liquid than I had
  3. added citric acid
  4. heated it for quite some time

I suspect that they also used a lower gelatin to water ratio. (I need this quite stiff, as it’ll be an unsupported cube about 10 inches (25cm) on each side.)

In looking at their images, I think that there’s still a little hue to their solution, but I’m not sure which of the differences are most significant to the process. Does anyone know?

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