salmon – Why does Chinese market take scales off the fish, & American does not?

۲۶ اردیبهشت ۱۳۹۷ تغذیه

Where I live (California, USA), when I buy salmon fillets from the (American style) supermarket, they have scales on. Even though it is not too difficult, I don’t enjoy removing the scales at home, partly because I don’t like to handle the fish too much and get my hands all fishy smelling. Once I asked the butcher man if he could get the scales off for me, and he looked fishy at me and said no.

However, I notice in the Chinese markets (I think 3 different ones) they just sell the salmon already scaled. You don’t even need to ask them specially. So now I just go to the Chinese market for salmon.

So my question is: Is this typical (other locations too)? And if so, why? Why the difference between Chinese and American style supermarkets regarding scales on salmon? FYI, the only fish I ever buy is salmon, so I do not know if this applies to other types of fish or not.

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