induction – 3+ egg omelette in a pan

۲۳ خرداد ۱۳۹۷ تغذیه

I want to make thick omelettes and everywhere online I saw that you start with decent heat and then turn it down all the way after a while, until its thoroughly cooked.

While making 2 eggs, it just reaches the edges of my frying pan. So I put 3-4 eggs to make it thicker as it kinda fills up the pan. However after I turn down the heat from 500-600 to 200-300, I notice that after very long time too, it still stays mostly wet on the top. In this time the bottom is overcooked brown. I cannot flip it as it just breaks and leaks from the top.

My Induction temperature ranges from 200-1200, I think it must be Fahrenheit. I don’t really have other options since I rent new rooms, and move – a little more than comfortable.

Is it possible to create that golden colored omelette but with a thicker body?

Am I failing because I’m using an Induction stove? Is such a feat possible? If so what must I do to get it done?


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