fruit – Why is my mango not ripening correctly?

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I have always been good at being able to tell when a mango is ripe based on the firmness and smell. For the last several batches I have purchased, however, almost every one I cut open is simply not good, with taste nor color. Rather than the deep orange color, I keep getting a yellow hue with browning around the seed:

enter image description here

It seems as though they go bad even though they never quite ripen. Based on this question, as well as other online content, I have tried to wrap them in newspapers, put them in a bag with a banana, or just let them sit at room temperature for several days. Nothing has seemed to work lately. I don’t know if there is a correlation, but it seems like they ripen better in the summer rather than the winter (we are in New Mexico). We keep our house at around 72 F.

Do I keep getting a bad batch, or am I doing something wrong? I would love any advice anyone might have.

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