chinese cuisine – Reducing the moisture in cooked rice for making fried rice

۲۱ مرداد ۱۳۹۶ تغذیه

Actually there is another way to make fried rice from freshly cooked rice. I would agree that a slightly drier rice makes for better fried rice, also long grain rice is the traditional rice of choice. But if you don’t have time, or have short grain rice, here is a way to make fried rice. It can sometimes be called “golden fried rice”, as the rice looks more yellow than brown when done correctly.

I am sometimes asked to make some fried rice in a jiffy and by simply beating up some eggs and mixing it with the freshly cooked rice, you can make really good fried rice. What the eggs do is to coat the cooked rice grains, which prevents them from turning too mushy or sticking to each other when the starch starts getting hot.

By coating the rice with the egg you prevent the sticking and also drying out too much when cooking. Use just enough beaten egg to coat your rice, but not too so much that it’s too wet. You can save the rest of the beaten egg for the fried rice. So you will still need a good well seasoned wok/pan and some pretty high heat, to make a proper fried rice. Also some arm strength to toss that rice to cook it evenly.

Once the rice has cooked a bit you can start adding whatever you want to the pan to make it your recipe. I like a simple dish of sliced chinese sausage, tons of green onion, more of the beaten egg, some salt, white pepper, touch of sugar and just a splash of soy sauce and/or some oyster sauce to add just a bit of richness. If done right the fried rice will be soft, moist and delicious I hope.

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