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I have seen similar questions on here, but not directly answering my question. I recently purchased a tagine, which is a ceramic slow cooker. It comes with, and says to use a diffuser when cooking on the cooktop. But the diffuser that came with it says not to use it on ceramic tops, as it may scratch.

Does anyone have any idea what type is best? I did some research online (which is actually how I found this site), but could not find any explicit answers about it, except that the cast iron diffuser I found also said not to use it on a ceramic top.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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I am in the process of replacing my commercial freezer. We typically freeze our pie fillings to simplify production. In looking into new freezers I can choose between 0 Degrees Fahrenheit and -10 Degrees Fahrenheit depending on the unit we purchase.

I was thinking I might try out the -10 degrees model for our pie fillings. My thinking being, pie filling is kind of sort of very loosely like sorbet (in so much as it’s basically fruit and sugar) and may benefit from the lower temperature due to the sugar content.

I have no additional info to back that claim up other than a hunch, so I figured I would ask if anyone else had additional experience on this topic.

We don’t use cornstarch in the filling, so I’m not concerned about the freeze/thaw stability issues that presents. We do use tapioca though.

Additionally if the lower temperature is preferable (-10 Degrees Fahrenheit), would that same temperature also be appropriate for the pie crust dough or would that lower temperature have other consequences?

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Recently a friend from the Americas gave me a simple recipe for custard, I never had custard (or at least not knowingly) and thus wanted to try it out. The recipe in it’s original form would be:

۳-۴ eggs
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
3 cups milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
some nutmeg

Blend & put into bowls, put bowls into larger dish filled with water.
Put into the oven at 176F & cook for around 45min.

Knowing that I am from Switzerland he tried to translate it to metric (this is the recipe that I got from him):

۳-۴ eggs
118ml sugar
1.2ml salt
709ml milk
4.8ml vanilla
some nutmeg

Blend & put into bowls, put bowls into larger dish filed with water.
Put into the oven at 176C & cook for around 45min.

As my oven only does 5C increases I put it in at 180C and didn’t spend much time thinking about it. The result does not taste bad at all, but the consistency is less that of a cream (looked up custard on Wikipedia in the end) and more that of supermarket flan.

Q: Is there a name for the monstrosity I created or is it still custard?

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I know this is not a SCIENTIFIC test with control groups and such, but I will share my thoughts on this matter and how I’ve been pickling my fresh egg surplus for over 25 years with absolutely no ill effects, or refrigeration.

I may add that my 4 children were raised eating these eggs, even in the hot Southern summers, and they are all very much alive with children of their own… and for me, that’s proof enough of my method…okay, my deceased wife’s method… and no she did not die of food poisoning.

After the obvious hard boiling and peeling of the eggs, ensuring that the egg didn’t get marred or damaged, I put them into sterilized mason jars, with sliced jalapeno, chili or habanero pepper rings.

I then boil about 2 cups of pure white vinegar with a 1/4 cup of pickling salt and one 500 mg, generic white vitamin C tablet until all solids are dissolved.

I then pour it right up to the top leaving no air space, so that when the lid and ring are put on and tightened, the excess is forced out. As the jars come to room temp, the lids will emit a “POP” when the suck inward. If no “POP” is heard and the lid does not get sucked in, those jars go in the fridge, the others go in my pantry… That’s it.

I have never had a jar fail, however, there would be a simple way to know if it did and you have bacterial growth, the liquid will cloud up badly, the lid will swell and in drastic contamination, will leak… but that has never happened.

Remember this, from a chemistry standpoint, bacteria is more likely to grow in sugary environments, and there is little to no sugar in my method, plus the capsasin in the peppers is highly acidic, as is the ascorbic acid in the Vit C.

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I’m not talking about the crusts. Those came out fine.

But the fruit of my apple pie came out dark brown without any crunch at all. They turned to mush, like a thick pudding or sauce.

I used 2 pounds of Granny Smith apples sliced thinly, 3 teaspoons of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon allspice, 0.25 teaspoon salt, 0.25 ground nutmeg, 0.25 teaspoon kosher salt, 2 tablespoons all purpose flour, 2 teaspoons ground Saigon cinnamon, and 0.75 cups of sugar.

I didn’t cook the apples on a pan, just mixed the apples with the sugar and the flour and allspice and stuff and let it cook in the pie in the oven for 90 minutes(the first 30 minutes at 375 degrees and the 60 at 350 degrees.

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I think your best bet if you can’t find any Mexican style (raw) chorizo (either loose or encased) is to just use some ground pork and add spices – the spice list on that product is:

chili pepper and less than 2% of the following: pork broth with natural flavorings, salt, dextrose, garlic powder, flavorings, spice, oleoresin of paprika, BHA, propyl gallate, citric acid.

So there’s not much to add or find a recipe so you don’t have to guess. There are a couple of them. Or just add a packet of “Mexican seasoning” to the sausage. I think this will actually take quite a bit less time than trying to prep Spanish style chorizo.

You’re literally just mixing in some spices.

If you don’t want to buy the spices, just switch to any “spicy” raw sausage. For example Jimmy Dean Hot. Again, this will be an easier option for you than using Mexican (hard) chorizo.

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These are grains of rice that have not been polished. Rice comes in many colors. The outer hull needs removed like wheat. Then to mids or inner skin polished off. The mids is were the oil is. If not removed rice will go rancid in 3 to 4 months. They will not harm you. Health gain is mids reduces sugar diabeties. Has more minerals.

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I found that slices float better and present better. They don’t take much longer to cut and you don’t need much onion for a salad.

Slices on the right

Greek salad

Thick slices can be cut to taste. You want some to sink. I like them for a little crunch. They’re easier to pick out if anyone doesn’t like onion at all.

In some cases thin slices might be better, though. If your salad is lettuce-based, thick slices may still tend to sink, while thinner slices will cling to the lettuce a bit better. This may also be a good idea if anyone eating the salad doesn’t like larger chunks of onion. A down side to thin is that it can overpower the presentation.

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I like onions and that does not seems very appetizing to me.
– Paparazzi
۲ hours ago

Do you mean just quarter raw onion? Certainly seems a little strange.
– mroll
۲ hours ago

When I saw this title, I thought the question was going to be about sourdough.
– Jolenealaska
۲ hours ago

If it was roasted/caramelized…? Never heard of or seen this in any Greek cookbook or restaurant, but raw would indeed just be unappealing in the extreme. However, I am no authority on Greek traditions, despite owning a few cookbooks and patronizing some restaurants.
– Ecnerwal
۱ hour ago

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In my Science of Cooking class, we were asked to do a lab involving hard cooked eggs using two forms of convection heat, dry (in the oven) and wet (boiling water).

We found that, as a rule, the boiling water produces a better egg.

One of the questions in the assignment is: “Compare the temperature gradients you observed in the two methods. Which of the methods produces the most pronounced gradient?”

Can someone please explain this question to me?

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