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How do you peel chickpeas?

How do you peel chickpeas?

Ways to displace liquids while cooking

Ways to displace liquids while cooking

Cooking at low temperature on induction cooktop

Cooking at low temperature on induction cooktop

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How do you peel chickpeas?

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When making a hummus one of the key factors seems to be removal of chickpea white skins.

Are there any tips on how can I effectively peel the skins off in an efficient way?

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Ways to displace liquids while cooking

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I want to cook some beef in the slow cooker and I want it to be completely submerged in the sauce. To do this I will need considerably more sauce than I require. Since the ingredients are expensive, I don’t want to waste it. I was thinking I could put something into the slow cooker to displace liquid and allow me to submerge the meat without needing more sauce. I don’t know what to use though. I’ll need something that won’t hurt the flavor of the food, can handle the heat and more importantly won’t cause a lot of sauce to stick to it. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do here?

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Cooking at low temperature on induction cooktop

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You can use a water bath and see if it will stay low enough for the desired time. You can play around with the water amount to achieve more consistency.

Even with the water bath, you won’t get actual 50 degrees for 15 minutes, rather you’ll have some slowly rising temperature which will stay in a hopefully acceptable range for the 15 minutes. This is because a cooktop is simply the wrong tool for the job, and especially the induction ones can be worse than the oldtime ones.

If you really want low temperatures for a sustained time, use an oven (if yours goes that low) or an electronically controlled cooking device.

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budget cooking – Way to Differentiate between Necessary vs Additional Ingredients in Recipes

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I’m mostly cooking for myself and I’m inexperienced with cooking, so when I go onto any recipe website, I can’t tell the difference between the ingredients & steps that are necessary to make a dish, and the ingredients and steps which are additional. For example, in an ideal world, I’d like a recipe to read something like this:

Base Ingredients:
    X g of A
    X g of B
    X ml of C

Ingredients for Improved Taste:
    X g of Some Exotic Herb
    X g of Some Additional Spice
    X ml of Red Wine

    Base Dish: (Takes 15 minutes to prepare, 20 to cook)
        Step 1:
        Step 2:
        Step n:

    Additional: (Takes 35 minutes to prepare, 25 to cook.)
        Before beginning, Prepare the X, Prepare the Y and Prepare the Z.
        On step 2, add X to the dish and add 3 minutes to the cooking time.
        On step 4, add a splash of red wine to the pan and cook for 2 minutes longer.

Or something to that effect. Just something separating the two.

This however is not what I find on recipe websites. So I need some way to differentiate the basic thing from the “chef’s touch” you could say. I just need to be able to make things that taste reasonably good, quickly, and not be spending hours.

What ends up happening is since I can’t differentiate, I find that my shopping list becomes very long, and cooking takes far too long for someone inexperienced like myself. I want to build up from the basics ideally.

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spaghetti – Is there a known ‘lifehack’ to facilitate the picking back up of the bay leaves after cooking with them?

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I’m about to do a Spaghetti sauce batch this afternoon, and I can’t seem to remember a life hack that I read that made it so you didn’t have to go through you sauce and pick the bay leaves one by one.

I can’t remember if you have to put them in a teabag or something like that.

So is there a known ‘lifehack’ to facilitate the picking back up of the bay leaves after cooking with them?

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food safety – What’s the difference between heirloom and direct-set yogurt cultures?

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Yogurt cultures seem to come in two varieties: heirloom and direct-set.

The difference between the varieties is that one is a carefully selected mix of bacterial strains (direct-set), and the other is a “mother” that’s been cultivated and sustained over generations (heirloom).

Most direct-set culture will specify that the culture cannot be reused. This means that once the yogurt is done culturing, one should not use a part of that yogurt to culture more milk.

On the other hand, heirloom cultures are specifically meant to be reused and sustained.

Where does the difference lie?

My guess is that the direct-set is not a “stable” symbiotic mixture of microbes, so the fear is that if one reuses that yogurt AFTER it’s been sitting in the fridge, it’ll have some additional microbes it may have picked up in it, which may foul the next batch.

The heirloom variety may be more “stable” in some way, so any additional microbes may be out-competed and won’t survive into the next batch.

Another question is: if contamination is the only worry in direct-set cultures, could one immediately freeze direct-set yogurt (to avoid contamination) and then reuse it to get similar results?

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food safety – How long does jarred chopped garlic keep?

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I have some chopped garlic in a jar (from Spice World if it matters). I have used it. Not sure when, but it is open. The best by date is June 2018.

My question: I have always heard that after opening jarred food you should throw it out after 2 weeks. For chopped garlic: should I look at the use by date or should I toss it 2 weeks after opening it?

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How much beef broth can I make with 800g (1.75 pounds) of bone marrow bones?

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I got 800 grams of raw bone marrow bones from grocery store. There are 5 bones, cut in about 2 inch lengths. How much beef broth can I make with these bones? Presumably I can’t make 15 litres of broth from 800g of bones, but I am also hoping to get more than a litre… What is a reasonable bone to water ratio?

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baking – Can I “fill” a chicken pot pie 24 hours before cooking it?

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I have made chicken pot pie filling. I was hoping to lay the pie pastry in the pie pan, fill it with the filling, lay the second pie pastry on top, and then refrigerate the raw pir in the fridge for a day. I want to do this so I can just pop it in the oven the next day without any work. This would work great preparing for parties and such.

My concern is that resting the filling on the pie crust for a day would affect the pie crust somehow. Perhaps the liquid would seep into the pastry and affect texture or cooking for example.

Can I “fill” a chicken pot pie 24 hours before cooking it?

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Fat contents from different types of ground beef when drained

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Compare 93% to 80% lean beef. My experience is anything under 93% does not have enough fat to cook nicely. If you need to add oil to cook it then why buy low fat in the first place.

A hamburger patty will retain more fat than compared to minced up beef for a spaghetti sauce. The finer you mince while cooking the more fat you can drain.

I usually buy 93% lean but 80% was on sale for 1/2 the price of 93%. When I fry and mince the 93% for spaghetti sauce some fat still drains so my though was 80% will drain off so it come out the same. I do not rinse with water.

If the 93% is $5/lb then the cost of the meat is $5.38/lb. If 80% is $4.30 the cost of the meat is the same.

The 80% clearly drains a lot more fat after cooking. By touch the 80% drained still has more fat than the 93% drained. My gut feel is the drained 80% is like 90% lean and the drained 93% is like 95% lean. The 93% has more flavor (for my taste). I suspect some of the flavor leaves with the fat or maybe the the 93% meat is just more favorable.

Cannot not just weigh the drained meat as water content is part of the weight. I guess you could weigh the drained fat but I am not that curious.

Drain hot out of the pan. If you let it cool even 5 minutes not as much fat will drain. Have a large drain surface so the meat is not more than 1″ high. Cover while draining so it can hold some heat. After 20 minutes you have pretty much drained all the fat that is going to drain.

Short of rinse with water you could steam but I suspect that would reduce some flavor.

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