bread – Kneading difficulties with rye flour

۲۳ شهریور ۱۳۹۶ تغذیه

My everyday bread recipe contains:

۵۵۰ g flour
۳۷۰ g water
۱۲ g salt
۴ g yeast

I knead it in a Kitchenaid mixer with a C-shaped dough hook (which, I know, is loathed by some folks). Dough tends to ball up around the hook, but if I raise the speed to 4 or so it works well enough.

Which leads me to my question: today I made this recipe with half white flour and half rye flour, and the mixer just couldn’t get a grip on the dough at all. I eventually gave up and kneaded by hand. Is this a problem with the flour combo or the hook? Is there a way to make that dough kneadable in the mixer, or should I just plan to knead by hand if I make it again?

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