baking – What utensil (material) to use in Convection + Grill mode of Microwave Oven?

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My Microwave Oven (Samsung DE68-03387M) has three modes: Microwave, Convection and Grill. It has various combinations of those.

There is a Pre-heat option which uses Convection and Grill modes simultaneously. It has maximum temperature of 250 degrees centigrade.

Now, I have, at home, only Microwave Safe plastic bowls and a Baking Tray/Pan {Maybe aluminum? Some kind of non-stick color.}.

I want to make this recipe: Mac and Cheese. Where I have to bake the dish (Picture point number 34). My mother generally uses Microwave + Convection mode and Microwave safe plastic to bake the cakes. Since, it says preheat(see above), I’m concerned that the grill will melt plastic? Is this possible?

I don’t want to just Microwave + Convection because it will not brown the cheese on the dish.

I saw somewhere that Borosil glass is fine but doesn’t let enough infrared (convection) heat pass through. Is metal allowed in Microwave + Convection mode?

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